Increase Revenue With Value-Add Products


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This workshop is for you, if...

Your need to make more money in your business but you can't imagine having to produce more from your farm.

You want to make more revenue with what you're already producing.

You want to learn from the mistakes of others to avoid making them yourself.

What's covered in the workshop?

    • Pricing structures & margins with full transparency — I will open my books for you to see how much this increases our revenue

    • Advertising

    • Working with a chef

    • Fulfilling orders

    • Packaging

    • Subscription models for prepared foods

    • Seasonal offerings like special holiday products

    • Pre-sales

    • How to get started

    • Other value-added products we do like raw dog food, and how we handle that from start to finish

    • Ideas to move excess products you struggle with like organs, bones, and more

    • Mistakes we made and things we learned the hard way

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What's Included

This instant-access workshop is pre-recorded so you can work at your own pace.

  • 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • In depth workbook
  • Access to our actual spreadsheet that we use with our chef-partner where you can see our product list, pricing, and margins.
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Learn how to increase revenue on the products you're already producing.


At one point in our business, I knew we needed to make more money but the idea of raising more animals and producing more meat made my head spin.

I knew that more, might mean MORE money but it also meant MORE work and staff so instead, I focused on how to make more money with what I was already producing and started our chef-crafted prepared foods and raw dog food line.

Increase Revenue with Value-Add Products

Learn how to increase the money in your pocket from the farm products you're already producing.

I'm Ready To Join!