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How To Prioritize Your Marketing Efforts

e-mail marketing marketing tips Jan 14, 2023

I get it, following along on accounts like this can sometimes be overwhelming to say the least.

‘I swear if Kendall tells me to do one more thing, I’m just going to give up…’

Ok, let’s slow it down. I never, ever want you to feel like I’m telling you that you need to do all the things, all the time.

I’m here to tell you the best practices and what has worked well for me — And frankly, what blew up in my face and was a giant waste of time because often that’s the most important information I can share.

Remember that your goal in learning and building an agricultural business online is to take what you can and apply it to your business. Push yourself yes but if you’re in a season of life or business where you can’t do too much that’s ok, just do what you can.

With that in mind here's the areas I’d prioritize if I was more limited on time or got overwhelmed in this space.

Build An Email List

If you get anything from what I teach it’s to please start an email list. Fire up a MailChimp account for free and start building your list. Create a landing page through MailChimp if you don’t have a website or even if you can’t figure out how to link your MailChimp to your website (although there are a ton of YouTube videos on the topic) and add that link to your Instagram bio. Make a sign up form at the farmers market, add it to your email signature… do whatever you can to get folks on that list and serve them with a nice email every other week or once a month.

Build Community Online

Then I would focus on one social media platform and really serve my community well before I tried to add another. If you follow me on Instagram for Marketing For Farmers, just know that’s the only platform I’m putting my efforts towards because I’d rather do a great job on one than half-ass a bunch of them. Now I will say, if you’re deciding to just pick one platform please commit to going all in on it.


When it comes to building a business online, do keep in mind that often there’s extra work upfront that will eventually lead to less effort down the road. In the beginning of Central Park Farms, I went to four farmers markets per week on top of all the work I needed to do on the farm but by putting in the time to build a community online I was able to cut that to two markets per week while hugely increasing our sales.

If you’ve ever done a farmers market, you know how much work that can be so by cutting two out of my schedule it gave me an extra 728 hours annually while my sales increased over 300% per year.

Let's get growing!

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