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Feeling Burnt Out? Here's How To Get Out Of A Funk

wellness Jan 14, 2023

Now I don’t know if this is a universal term, but here in my neck of the woods August is know affectionately as ‘Grumpy Farmer Month’.

Now it’s not that we’re all walking around acting crabby, although sometimes I am, it’s more that by August many of us our feeling burnt the heck out.

I know it happens to me almost every year but I’m getting a lot better at bouncing back and knowing what changes I can make to help me get through it.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. Take a break from social media

I’m not going to lie when I say getting off social media for a break can and does sometimes impact my revenue BUT what I’ve learned is, the summer is the best time for me to do it. Now this may not be the case for the veggie growers in the group but if you fall in that category I hope you’re finding a break at the end of your season.

For those of us who sell year round, summer is often a good time from a break if needed because it’s also often when your customers are also slowing down and getting off their phones and computers and taking holidays.

Try taking one or two days off per week or take a week if needed because it’s better to take a short break and come back refreshed than burn out and struggle for longer.

2. Make a list of things you need to accomplish

Writing out a list of tasks you need to tackle can get the chaos out of your head and onto paper where it becomes a more manageable list to tackle.

Once you have your list compiled see if there are any items you can ditch completely, outsource, or simply ask for a hand with. Maybe it’s as easy as asking your mom to watch the kids for a couple hours so you can do invoicing or ask your partner to grab groceries on the way home.

As our business has grown, I’ve been able to outsource some things in my business that allows me the bandwidth to keep up with our business but also a chance to catch my breath occasionally.

3. Make time for something you enjoy

I love running a business. And I love farming.

Those two statements really messed me up for a few years because I would often treat work like my enjoyable pastime so I would never give myself the okay to just unwind. Thankfully I’m slowly realizing that isn’t sustainable long term and I’m making time for new hobbies.

This year, I’ve taken up canning and growing a garden… bonus is it helps feed my family and I’ve been able to enjoy the delicious fruits of that new passion.

4. Find a community of likeminded people

Having other female farmers and business owners to run ideas by and lean on has been a game changer for me.

And before you start worrying that you don’t have a big group of friends that you hang out with in person, that’s not what I mean. In fact, since becoming a farmer and spending more time at our rural property I don’t see friends in person nearly as often.

Most of the people I can connect and relate with best are other farmers who I know only through social media. Reach out and make connections on Instagram or Facebook. Join a business coaching community like the one I offer — PS, it’s currently not open for enrolment but likely will be again in the fall.

5. Change your environment

I’m a huge advocate for having a designated work space when it comes time to do administrative work but that said, sometimes you need to mix it up.

When I’m in a funk that might mean working from bed, or finding a nice spot outside in the fresh air, heck it can even just be taking a few minutes to clean my office space and fire up some essential oils in the defuser and make myself a yummy drink coffee drink in a fancy glass.

6. Remember you’re not alone in feeling stuck in a funk

It happens to us all. Perhaps it’s working a bit too hard and not getting enough rest of falling into the comparison trap by looking at where everyone else is in their business journey.

Always remember the only race we’re in is with ourselves and if we need to slow down for a moment in order to get the energy for the long race, that’s ok. We just gotta keep moving forward.

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